Is Online Dating Only For Desperate Singles?

Online dating, which got its start in the 90s, is often unfairly criticized as being a last-ditch resort for desperate people. People who used it were believed to be those who couldn’t get a date any other way.

Was that true? And if so, is it still true today?

The answer is no. They are not desperate. To the contrary, people who use dating sites to meet people know what they want and online dating helps to hone the list down. After her divorce from Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey reportedly tried out online dating. Would you call her desperate? Hardly.

It can be challenging to meet people. There are those who find meeting date-worthy partners difficult in their live, real time settings. Some live rurally, or in small towns, or BIG cities.

Are Online Dating Sites Dangerous?

Meeting people and dating has its risks on any front. Making wise choices when dating strangers is wise, whether you meet at a club and decide to go to dinner or through online dating. Thanks to the rise of technology online dating is safer than it’s ever been.

There are skeptics who wonder how online dating could be better than meeting someone in real life. Does online dating offer benefits you can’t get through meeting people at live events?

What Kind of Information Does Online Dating Require?

Most dating sites ask you to create a profile, and then you can start browsing through singles literally in seconds. Some skeptics wonder if online dating leads to a violation of privacy. What type of information do people share?

In most cases all you have to do is input some of the following: your name, gender, location, age, email address, and basic dating preferences. Exercise the same caution you would with anyone you don’t know.

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